Goodness Gracious

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As a young girl, I remember going to the park with my mom, sister, and Duane…my step dad. We had music, cooked out on those rusty old permanent grills, played frisbee, and lounged in metal folding chairs. When I became a mother, mostly a single mother, we had little money to spend, and food stamps were the only way we ate many months.

Sometimes, I could not afford to take my kids to movies, to the swimming pool, or out to eat at a restaurant… but I could make a good picnic basket. I would tend to each detail…. cookie cut out sandwiches, real mozzerella with basil and tomato salad, fresh-cut vegetables, and those dainty little fancy cookies from Sweden. We always spread out a large antique quilt, cloth napkins, and ALWAYS used an old picnic basket. I had two that became my favorite. 


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