Reach Local Consumers & Increase Customer Loyalty

Generate brand awareness and sales through a beautifully designed, glossy, 10.75″ x 6.5″ direct mail publication featuring local businesses, delivered to select neighborhoods in your area. Advertise with us! 



Local Trend will Help You Stand Out From Your Competition

From sushi to bathroom remodeling and everything in between, consumers have more options than ever when deciding who to do business with. 

Local Trend helps them choose you.

Consumers enjoy reading their mail. They enjoy the process of going to the mailbox to see what surprise they find inside. Much like getting an invitation.

Studies have shown that when a consumer can touch and see a business advertisement in the same moment, it gives the consumer a personal and stronger sense of remembering the business. Local trend provides the consumer with a beautiful booklet filled with quality local businesses to include their information and promotions. Direct mail marketing is powerful, and helps to support and increase response levels of your other marketing mediums.

Local Trend will Help You Stand Out From Your Competition

Consumers have nearly limitless choices about where to shop, eat, and play. Whether you’re a burrito barista or a commercial cleaner, you have to market smarter than ever to cut through the noise and reach customers.

That’s what we do best.

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Local trend is a unique 10.75″ x 6.5″ glossy, booklet-style direct mailer that helps local consumers discover and support locally-owned businesses in and around your area. Through local trend, local businesses share information and promotional offers which generates increased foot traffic, quality leads and builds consumer awareness and loyalty. Advertise with us.